Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Social Learning Update

Well this has a been quite the journey. At the beginning of this class I was very skeptical about the online learning age. And to be honest I still am a little bit. It hasnt been easy however, I have learned many great things throughout this class from Dean, the guest speakers and especially my classmates. I have never blogged before but, like Dionne said I was also blown away by the power of it. I really enjoyed reading others blogs as I was able to gain new perspectives on certain issues. As an artist I always love other peoples opinions because I think they are an imporant aspect when creating my opinion. When hearing (or reading) others ideas, I feel that I can be a more well-rounded indivdivual. This is why blogging is great and why this class was also great. I may have never been able to know my peers opinions on things while in a classroom face-to-face. Whether we like it or not, some of us are out going and some of us are not. I am one that falls into the "not outgoing" catergory and I would find it hard to say some of things I have said in my blog. That is why I have appreciated this experience because I have had a certain type of freedom that I would not have had in the classroom. This is also why I think a blog for my one-day students is a good idea. So everyone gets a chance to speak and be heard. So thankyou to everyone that read my blog and I also want to thankyou for speaking out as well because it helped me put this online thing into more perspective and that is what social learning is all about!

Life is full of winding roads,
it's up to you to choose.
The flat lands may be easier,
but the hills...they have more views!
-Jody Bergsma

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