Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To be rich or not to be rich, that is the question.

First of all, everything Sir Ken Robinson said about schools killing creativity is simply true. He stated that we "stigmatize mistakes". If we did not make mistakes we would not learn and nothing would be new or creative . Also he states, "that we create a heirarchy of subjects", concentrating on the most useful subjects for the work field and discounting the options for fine arts careers. We need to "celebrate the human imagination". Creativity is a way to express ones self and release inner emotion which is one of the most beautiful actions that one can do. Why would we ever want to hinder that?
I also watched, Benjamin Wallace: Does happiness have a price tag? This journalist was supplied with a budget to go around tasting and experiencing the worlds most expensive luxuries. He sampled wine from 1947, called Cheval Blanc, that he said wasnt all it was hyped up to be. He was given apair of 800 dollar jeans made from the finest organic fibers of Japan and he said that he has not had one compliment on them in the months that he's had them. He tried numerous other things such as soap with silver leafs embeded, white truffles, kobe beef for 160 dollars, and when it arrived it was tiny. This man got to try a plethora of things that millionairs and billionaires experience everyday. While we sit in our dorms eating cans of soup that cost 1.00. Are those people happier than us? At the end of this mans presentation he said that a gathering of people were sat down and given a vairety of wine to sample. Each bottles price was marked falsely. The cheapest was labelled most expensive and so on. While these people drank their wine, they were also given MRI brain scans simultaneously. Not only did these people say they enjoyed the one with the higher price tag, but their brains scans said so too. This is hard for me to comprehend. Possibly everyone is different. Maybe if you have the money to spend and are willing to splurge on ridiculous items then it could possibly be rewarding? But I also think that those people should have MRI’s to get their head out of their you know what. With all the people suffering around the world how can one be so self-absorbed that they must spend so much money on material things. If the most expensive things make one happy, they do not know true happiness. As true happiness is completely free. http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/benjamin_wallace_on_the_price_of_happiness.html
To comment on a peers video; Alex's about war photography is truly a jewel. In our aesthetics class we were speaking about an aesthetic (beautiful) experience. Now, beauty comes in many shapes and forms. I think that you have an aesthetic experience if you stop for a moment, realize and appreciate all of the wonderful things you and your life have been blessed with. James Nachtwey's photography is beautiful, not only because of the composition or the angle but, because we realize how lucky we are. Also because, as Alex said, "he is spreading a powerful message of hope, and help for others". http://video.ted.com/talks/embed/JAMESNACHTWEY-2007_high.flv
K-12- Online Conference: Leading the change, Overcoming Entropy by Louise Maine
Entropy= chaos. Move from an disorganized pattern to an organized one.
This video was about how to kickstart change in the classroom, while promoting a healthy balance of energy, responsiblity, encouragement and support. Maine states "From entropy comes opportunities. To decrease entropy, we must uninvest in the conventions of previous ways of schooling." Much like Sir Ken Robinson, Maine sees creativity as a way to learn experience and grow, which is what education is all about. Maine also says "Talk about what you know, even if you do not consider yourself an expert." If you have confidence in your presentation and you put alot of planning intoit , the students will recognize your effort and hopefully see value and give you respect. Maine explains about the importance "for visual aspects" because they create energy, which also applies to the multiple intelligences. Encourage students constantly. If they fumble, they must try again and must be assured that mistakes are all part of the learning process, and that "the path need not be so narrow" meaning there are many ways to do things. Also in relation to Sir Robinson whom stated that from mistakes comes the unique Maine to encourages students to "Take risks, solve problems, and overcome obstacles". As a teacher "continual reflection and feedback" are very imporant to make students feel they are moving forward instead of backward; "be a coach".
This video showed me that being a teacher takes alot of time, energy and creativity on my part. I value hardwork and I know that it will always be worth it in end. To help at least one child find their inner selves or their inner creativity will be a mission accomplished and happiness that money cannot buy. http://k12onlineconference.org/?p=345

Thursday, January 22, 2009

tools for the future

With the very knowledgable and helpful, Robin Howell, I was able to figure out the tech tasks. I was able to get my igoogle page set up and she also showed me how to make a spreadsheet. So, thankyou very much Robin, it is greatly appreciated.
After looking through Google For Education I realized there were many great tools and aspects to the site. First of all, you know that I am not a huge fan of technology but the Google Book Search is a way to combine technology and the old fashioned way of doing things. I think Blogger is a great to gain perspectives of other teachers, which I previously stated that I value. The classroom activties are great for new ideas too. I like Google maps and earth as well. I love learning about new cultures and I think I will be able to acquire insight into some new heritages, maybe thinking of new projects or art ideas to do with my students.
There are many great tools for education on Google For Education. I am positve I will be using it in the future.
Here's my survey:http://spreadsheets.google.com/embeddedform?key=pBE2LZfrfFYN1Lbq-2KjoJg
A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw, the less he spoke;
The less he spoke, the more he heard.
Why can't we be like that old bird?
-Edward Hersey Richards

bummer dude.

Lastnights class was horrendous. Over dramatic? Perhaps, but I was upset, as I hate falling behind. I was probably getting on some peoples nerves, and I quite apologize. But due to my poor internet connection I failed to hear and see most of the presentation. Due to that fact I am left in the dust and the recording is not posted either. So I am sitting in the dark, simply knowin nothin'. Next time I will have to go down to lab, a lagging computer just aint my cup-o-tea. Hopefully, setting everything up isnt too difficult or time consuming. Maybe I will be able to view the recoring soon. Anyhow, I'll give it a shot this weekend.

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.
-Joseph Addison
(So, I'm sendin you both)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The first.

Yesterday, was my first experience with an online class.
I am still undecided if I fully enjoyed it or not. For these following reasons:
-I tend to get a tad worked up when things do not appear to be working for me. I get in sort of a panic, if you will. So, I was quite worried, when I was setting up my mic and that failed, and then my blog failed. But, a love of mine, that I was with at the time, who often encourages me to relax, helped me to do so, and figure some things out.
- It was quite fast paced. I was trying to set all of these things up, while listen and read the conversations happening as well.
-I was nervous and frazzled and wasn't able to ask the questions that I had. Others did ask some of things I was wondering, but I hope I do not get penalized for lack of participation to the degree of some of the others.
-I learned alot of new things, in which I had no idea about before. Though, the information is still a little bit fuzzy, I hope I'll be able to manage.
- I found it very neat that we could be speaking and learning from someone who is not only across the world, but has a new perspective.
- As a teacher in the works and artist I value opinions and perspective so I think this class will be a great host for both of those things.
So as you can see I am stuck with equal pros and cons. It is was nice to see people helping eachother out, I know I appreciated it. I think I will be ready to give it another go. Next time I will know what to expect and will be better mentally prepared. Thats all for now.

Believe, when you are most unhappy, that there is something for you to do in the world. So long as you can sweeten another's pain, life is not in vain.
Helen Keller

To whom it may concern,

I have come to Regina in hopes to become a highschool art teacher, yet I travel back home when the weather blesses me with clear skies and dry roads. I am from the beautiful city of bridges, Saskatoon.You may ask, if you love Saskatoon so much, why did you come here? Well, the answer is simple; the Education program in Regina is superior to Saskatoon. Nonetheless, the experience of leaving the nest has left me sad and lonely yet it has granted me with responsiblity, strength and knowledge in my field of study; though I have much to learn.
I am a happy-go-lucky kid, hopelessly stuck in the 70's. I haven't been brought up to be very familiar with technology. Thus, I would prefer to paint and make paper cranes, sing and play guitar, instead of surf the net. This does not mean in any way, shape or form that I discount, discourage or am ignorant to the fact technology is a great tool for a plethora of things. I am here and am thankful for this experience and opportunity and am eager to learn.
I will leave one quote I find valuable at the end of each of my blogs. These will be from, "The Footprints Book of Daily Inspirations" by Margaret Fishback Powers. The quotes help me get through each day in some way. Hopefully, you may find some serentity or insight in them aswell. Peace and Love.

You are in the right key, when you sing the praise of others.
-Heather MacGregor